415 Grand Ave. Suite 102

South San Francisco, CA 94080




Our Mission Statement

Located in the heart of downtown South San Francisco, we take pride in serving our community of South City and the Peninsula by providing quality dental care to Adults and Children. As a dentist, Dr. Kimberly Liao wants to ensure not only patients’ oral health, but overall health. In addition to having a safe and clean environment, we feel it is our mission to provide positive dental experiences. We believe that is entirely possible through extending kindness and understanding. In addition, we will always share our dental knowledge and expertise. Patient education is key in understanding why their participation in their oral health is so important. We appreciate growing with our patients. Our hope is that patients stay with us through generations. Establishing that kind of relationship is part of why we got into dentistry, it is something that makes this field very fulfilling.

It’s easy to drill and fill, but It’s better to provide a place that allows people to feel comfortable and cared for in a place they normally feel stress and anxiety. It’s our job to provide dental services, however it’s incredibly more important to show kindness in a dental office. Taking the time to ensure  a positive experience can create a wave of associating oral care with positive outcomes. Coming to the dentist doesn't have to be a harrowing experience. Please contact us to schedule an appointment today! 



415 Grand Ave. Suite 102

South San Francisco, CA 94080


Office Hours

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